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Floppa is the main aspect of the game, your goal is to protect him by keeping his happiness and hunger up. You can get money from Floppa by clicking/tapping him. You can do many things with Floppa, like petting him or feeding him. Floppa can die as well, and when he does he detonates its built-in C4. It has a mood meter, which changes the amount of money he makes per click depending on his mood. The amount of money you make is cut in half when his mood is below 25%, and doubles once over 100%. Floppa is based of a real life caracal named Gregory.


Floppa is a cubic caracal cat. It's fur color is reddish brown with long tufts of black hairs on the tips of its pointed ears. It has no tail, legs or arms.


  • Make sure to keep Floppa's happiness above 25%, otherwise it would drop halve the cash gain or even better, above 100%.
    • You can cook food using the stove and with the right ingredients and heat. To see all recipes, click here.
  • Buying the Autoclicker upgrade (either from the Traveling Merchant or the upgraded version from the The Interwebs and Stupid Bingus) is the only way to automatically gain money while idle.
  • Floppa Gunners can defeat Bandit Raids on their own. Guard Doge and Chop are also helpful for fighting King Bingus.
  • Almond Water grants a extra life each time it is fed to Floppa.
  • Saving your game allows you to restore progress and also have a safety net for raids and the King Bingus boss fight.


Various other cats can be bought via Alien Trading and The Interwebs. There are 8 of them, which will follow Floppa around. This list contains all of the friends you can buy (in price from cheapest to most expensive):

These friends will follow your Floppa around, and will boost Floppa's money productivity, while Ms. Floppa and Bigfootjinx have extra abilities.


  • Floppa is a caracal, the main species of the "Caracal" genus, which is also part of the "Felidae" family.
  • Floppa is based on the Big Floppa meme and an actual species of cat, as seen above.
  • When you click Floppa, Floppa will drop money and play a "meow" sound.
    • This "meow" sound is from Mario Paint.
  • You could formerly give Floppa 100 extra lives. Now on a update you can only give him 99 extra lives.
  • When you purchase the Autoclicker 2.0, Floppas meow will be heard an octave higher and much faster.
  • At random times, Floppa will say "buru nyuu".
    • This "buru nyuu" sound is from the character Neco Arc from the game Melty Blood.
  • In RaF2, with all the upgrades and considering Floppa is always dropping 10$, you can get around 11.612.246.400$ with one click.
  • In RaF1, with the same conditions you can get around 199.680$ with a single click.
  • If you count happiness, in RaF2 you would get:
    • 23.224.492.800$ with x2 bonus
    • 34.836.739.200$ with x3 bonus
    • 46.448.985.600$ with x4 bonus
    •$ with x5 bonues
  • In RaF1, you would get 399.360$ with the x2 happiness bonus
  • In RaF2, if your Floppa is sad you would get 5.806.123.200$ due to the 0.5x money nerf
  • In RaF1, you would get 99.840$ due to the 0.5x money nerf
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